Did you show passion?

When a person died, the ancient Greeks chose not to ask what their accomplishments had been, but rather "did they show passion?"
We're all too busy.  Take a day off....but keep your BlackBerry on so that you get your emails.  Check in with work to make sure everything is going smooth without you.  Make sure you spend your day off running around town dropping off, picking up, looking for, parking, driving, shopping, parking, not getting done what you meant to do.  Don't forget to clean the kitchen floor.  Its been way too long since you washed it.  You know what, do the walls.  The walls need a serious pick me up.  Why are you still that house?  Is your mortgage up for renewal?  You changed the oil in the van right?  Isn't it great to have a day off.

Its no wonder when it comes time to find the passion left over, you're fresh out.  Its really hard to keep up with the Jetsons.  Forget the Jones' - the Jones' could never survive a mortgage/rent, a car, buying gas, and cell phone bills.  The Jones' wouldn't know what hit them.  We all do it.  We work to have the life we want to live, and as the cliche goes, we don't get time to actually live.

So what are you doing about your passion level?

Go ahead.  Look it up.  Its 2012 and we all have internet on our phone...so goodness knows that if you google it up, there'll be some sites that can help you out.  They'll suggest you take some "you" time.  Maybe a holiday. 

I've got your answer and you don't even need to sift through crummy websites.

Get inspired. 

I know, sounds too simple right?  Nope. 

Think about the last time you went to a concert - how amazingly great did you feel afterwards? 

Have you ever been to the Vatican?  Or Westminster Abbey?  Now that...that was inspiring.

This past week, I needed to find some passion.  I went to Third Ave.  I went upstairs and sat in the balcony.  I just took time to think about what it would really mean if those arches were just gone.  Where would I go to sit completely still and get such a rush of emotions and inspiration. 

The upcoming weeks we're going to ask Saskatoon to get passionate about Third Ave....we can't stand by and let people tear old buildings down.  We can't just ride by on bikes.  We can't be left to wish we'd taken more pictures before it was gone. 

But don't take my word for it....listen to someone who's lived through it.

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