The Proms are coming to town!

For over a century, The Proms has been a summer-way-of-life in England.  London's Royal Albert Hall has performances all summer long featuring some of the world's best musicians....its a way to celebrate life and inspire people under the summer sun.

Third Ave is excited to host the first ever Saskatoon Summer Proms - the concerts will take place every Thursday through July and August.  The shows start  at 7pm...that way people can come out after supper, and still have time after the concert to enjoy wandering around the gorgeous downtown.  Take in a glass of wine at the Ivy, head over to the Holiday Inn for dessert.

The Proms will feature incredible exciting combinations of performances - the meeting of classical and jazz, musical theatre and world.  Gypsy music one week, and opera the next.

Diverse and funky.  It's what we do.

Check out some Prom History in London

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