Brew Notes!

So we have this awesome coffee house concert series that has started up.  Brew Notes.

We've had a few performances over the last few months and something really cool has happened - its created a cool place for the occasional Friday night for some music and coffee.

This last weekend, we had a Brew Notes that featured young performers in an all ages show.  High school kids who were needing a place to play.  We ended up with a crowd of 50 who got to listen to some very cool performances.  Great covers.  Great originals.  A performance by the AWESOME Left and Right - a young boy/girl duo from here in Saskatoon.  At one point during their first song I thought, hhmmmm these two are the real deal.

We had some great contact with the performers and we're totally going to make the youth coffeehouse a regular event at Third Ave - a place where teenagers can come and have friends and family and strangers listen to their stuff...they get a chance to try out new things...they get to work on their stage skills....they get to be awesome for a night. 

We have another coffee house concert coming up

Saturday, February 11th - Mostly Music and Partly Puppets by the Larsens with guest performer Cinderella

A GREAT kids show starting at 7pm.  Tickets at the door!

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