Carol Welsman LIVE at Third Ave!!


When I was a teenager I got this MASSIVE crush on this amazing jazz singer/pianist - I bought up all her albums, and listened sooooo close to every sound she made.  Everyone told me how great a singer she was...but as a pianist, I sat and listened intensely to the way her fingers fell on the keys. 

It is completely rare to find a pianist, classic/jazz/rock, who actually understands the way that a piano REALLY works.  The idea that the way the fingers leave the key is AS IMPORTANT as how they hit the keys.....
Then along came Carol....and my ears had a playground of sound. 

And now, in some absolutely bizarre twist of fates, not only do I get to hear her new album...but I get to hear it live, in our very own concert hall! 

Friday March 23rd - Carol Welsman Quartet LIVE!
Tickets on sale at Persephone

Carol Welsman - On the Road Again! - hear a track off the new album before it hits stores!

This event is the first ever self-produced event by Third Ave Centre.  And its important that it sell out.


Many reasons.

We need a sell out so that Carol will come back and lap up the audience for her next album as well.

We need a sell out to show people that actually, a concert hall is vital to the city's downtown - and prove that its not about size, but about acoustic sound!

We need a sell out because, frankly, we have lofty goals ahead of us - to save a building the size and age of Third Ave, we need to bring in as much revenue as possible in these first few months.  We're keeping ticket prices low, and hoping that people will pack the place to show their support for saving Third Ave. 

Lets make culture happen people!!

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