Culture Revitalized!

So just a week ago we made the cover of the paper! 

Check out the awesome article.

Group aims to save Landmark

Add to that an interview we just had with NewsTalk Radio...seems like the media is starting to feel the excitement that the city has about Third Ave.

I have been interviewed and drilled with questions about this project a lot lately (a WORTH Magazine article is forth coming), and the question that I keep getting hit with is "Why are you so passionate about this?"

Its such a simple answer.  When you think of great cities, you think of their great buildings.  New York has Carnegie Hall or the Empire State Building.  London has Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.  Paris has Notre Dame and the Louvre.  Rome has the Vatican. 

When you go to those cities, those are "must see" locales.  So why isn't Third Ave a must see locale? 

We just don't give ourselves credit yet - I mean, we're a young culture, so we haven't yet adjusted to the idea that someday people will want to come here to see what we have going on.  The world has been watching us carefully; obviously they're taking note, it seems big business is booming.  Now is the time to start defining what landmarks make up this city.

Third Ave is, in my opinion, the best example of historic landmark in the city.  The Bes is beautiful.  The University is stunning.  And culturally, Third Ave is the one that has had the most impact over 100 years. 

The city, the media, the arts community - everyone is excited!

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